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Some important useage

Development Workflow with Spacemacs

  • [SPC p p] search projects then open it
  • [SPC p f] search file in this project

Use Shell in spacemacs

NeoTree file tree

  • open tree [SPC f t]
  • move j k
  • open or close folder h l

Vim motions with Avy (快速移动)

  • [SPC j b] go back to the previous location
  • [SPC j j] jump char
  • [SPC j w] jump word
  • [SPC j l] jump line


  • move to the window on the left [SPC w h]
  • move to the window on the right [SPC w l]
  • vertical split [SPC w v]
  • delete window [SPC w d]

evil-exchange (vim-exchange)

  • gxiw --> gxiw 交换两个单词


  • [SPC b b] list all buffers