A visa interview
  • itinerary
  • The tour operator will arrange transport and plan you itinerary
  • We still have not fully planned out our itinerary
  • He planned a stay of two year's duration
  • I'd like to make a table reservation for two people for 9 o'clock.
  • what's the purpose of your visit?
  • I'm going to the U.S for sightseeing.
  • What property do you have in China?
  • Who will accompany you on your trip?
  • I'll live in the dormitory at my university
Book a flight
  • travel agency
24,Ask for help at a restaurant
  • How might you ask the waiter for something in a restaurant?
  • napkin
  • gravy
  • spoon
  • Excuse me, waiter.
  • Well, I asked for my chicken to be served with barbecue sauce, but this one has been served with gravy
  • Thank you. Could I also get an extra fork?
  • Of course, Is there anything else I can do for you, sir?
  • Actually, yes. Can you bring me another napkin, please?
  • Of course. Once again I'm so sorry for the mix up with your food.
  • I dropped my spoon, so please can you replace it with a new one.
  • Sorry for keep your waiting, madam. Your order will be served immediately.
  • Can I have an extra plate, please?
  • Excuse me, may I please have another napkin?
  • May I also have another spoon and an extra napkin?