It's all about food.

1.4 Drink morning tea. A chinese breakfast.
  • What Chinese food do you like for your breakfast.
  • wonton
  • steamed bun
  • sprint roll
  • dim sum
  • Soy milk

a. The steamed bun, know as baozi ,is a popular breakfast food in china.
b. Spring rolls usually filled with vegetables and sometimes meat.
c. Hot pot is a common example of Sichuan food
e. Luk Yu is a famous tea house known for dim sum and Cantonese dishes.
d. The restaurant serves traditional Chinese cuisine ,but at very high price


Chinese cuisine
Cantonese food
Hot pot

2.4 Enjoing tasty food
  • fish and chips
  • Pad Thai
  • spaghetti
  • chiken curry
  • pickled vegetables
  • buffet